Hi everyone, my name is Nicole!

I'm a proud dog mum to two, gorgeous, cuddly and personality-packed fluff balls, Jasper & Artie! I have a passion for design, dogs and a love for all things cute and colourful.


Jasper, 7, Golden Spoodle.

Also known as: JazzyBoo, Jazzy Pants, Boo Boo Head.

Jasper has a passion for deer antlers, cuddles and humans! He is always up for a good belly rub. His GIANT personality is what inspires our unique and vibrant patterns.


Artie, 9 months, Red Spoodle.
Also known as: Artie Party Pie, Smarty Artie, Artie Farty.

Artie is Jasper's younger brother, he's a big ball of energy and playfulness. He enjoys a good game of fetch and has two favourite toys - a hamster and a squeaky burger toy. Although his favourite thing in the world, is Jasper.

Our Story!

How it all started...

It all started back in February 2016, when 8-week-old Jasper joined
the family. During the hour-long car ride back home, Jasper and I sat
in the back seat together and bonded immediately. Since then, Jasper has been my best friend and has taught me about unconditional love and has even sparked a genuine love for all dogs within me. Thanks to Jasper, I was able to merge my love for design and dogs into my very own brand, JazzyBoo which began on International Dog Day in 2021.

Fast-forward to December 2022 when my partner Josh and I decided
that we had enough room in our hearts for one more fur child and that's why Artie joined the family! He very quickly found his place in our home and we can't imagine our lives without him.