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Okie Dokey Dog Collar

Okie Dokey Dog Collar

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Unleash your pup's style and celebrate their unique personality with our colourful collars! Our collars come in a variety of fun colours and patterns, allowing you to create a signature style that reflects your dog's individuality. Let your pup strut with confidence, as their collar becomes a canvas for their vibrant personality!
Why you'll love it 😍

• Designed with comfort and style in mind

• A vibrant and stylish and unique design

• Durable, printed polyester webbing strap

• Lined with neoprene padding for extra comfort and quick-drying capabilities

• Branded buckle with 4-point lock system for added safety

• Fully adjustable (see sizing charts for the perfect fit)

• Strong D-ring for attaching leash

• ID clip to securely attach your dog's ID tags

Jazz up the look by pairing your dog’s collar with its matching lead or bow tie!

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Quality!

Couldn't be happier with it, my dog gets sad when I take it off him!